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PearlyWhites is a Photoshop Filter Plug-In that automatically whitens teeth
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23 May 2011

Editor's review

Every one likes to capture beautiful images of themselves and their loved ones. However at times it may occur that the whole look of your image gets spoiled because of the pale look of the teeth. But now you do not need feel bad about it, as you can improve the look of your images and even make your face look more beautiful in the images with the help of a software. PearlyWhites 2.0.2 is a Plug-in filter for the Adobe Photoshop that makes the teeth bright and white automatically. You can have the software working for batch mode process also and makes the teeth look whiter. The plug-in is easy to use and works to make the images look better as needed since the digital cameras cast a yellow shade to the teeth.

When you open the image and browse the option it opens with a window to whiten the teeth. The ‘Image Navigator’ is placed on the right side that shows the image. There you need to make the selection for the placing the square on the area of the image showing the teeth. The large preview of the selected area is shown on the left. You can have the image zoomed and then you require to set the Plug-in control. Set the amount of whitening that best suits the image by moving the pointer towards less or more. You can also set the whitener to be defaults if it suits well. You can have the view shifted to see the image before and after the change has been made. When you’re done with the process slick ‘Ok’ and it is done.

PearlyWhites 2.0.2 makes the change in the image to make it look better and compose the faces to look more beautiful by setting the whitening of the teeth. Rated with 3.5 points the plug-in works optimally and is credited with trouble free features to use.

Publisher's description

PearlyWhites is a Photoshop Filter Plug-In that automatically whitens teeth. The cold clarity of a digital camera is known to accentuate the yellowness of teeth. PearlyWhites automatically restores smiles to gleaming white with no adverse effects.
PearlyWhites can be run on individual images or in a batch mode. It can also be combined with other Plug-Ins in a script form and applied to a set of images.
The PearlyWhites Plug-in improves the facial features by whitening teeth!
PearlyWhites: The digital teeth whitener...
Version 2.1.1
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